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The History

Taberna Sanlúcar

Sanlúcar de Barrameda is located in an incomparable corner of the province of Cádiz, to the west and facing the Doñana Park. For decades it was the port of departure and entry to the Americas, and from Sanlúcar the navigators Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano set sail on the first voyage around the world in the “nao” Victoria.

The cobalt blue of the sea and the intense green of the marshes make up the colorful and bright Sanlúcar’s motto. When you walk through its streets you know that you are stepping into a history that goes back many centuries.

Sanlúcar in Madrid

La Taberna Sanlúcar is located in the middle of San Isidro Labrador street, next to a very singular corner, since just a hundred meters from it we can contemplate the basilica of San Francisco el Grande.

From that same corner, but looking towards the other side, we will observe the whole neighborhood of the two Cavas, the High and the Low, so called -Cavas, not streets- because Madrid, being walled, was the most vulnerable and less steep area, which forced the Arabs to make some cavas, that is, huge moats, in order to defend it better.

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Historic Madrid

The one that borders the Madrid of the Habsburgs and the first suburbs that extended to the south and east. The taverns in this area have been frequented throughout its life by illustrious personalities and artists.

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Traveler's Madrid

Undoubtedly, it is the area of Madrid that the traveler needs to know to capture its genuine essence.

Several years ago La Taberna Sanlúcar began its journey by adopting the tradition of the typical tavern, now almost forgotten and often reviled, thus evoking good gastronomy to connoisseurs.

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Artistic Madrid

A meeting point for relevant artists, it also created a select club. The tavern, that Latin word that designates a place in the ancient Roman roads where travelers of all social conditions were served, acquires a current air in Sanlúcar.

The menu

The menu offered by El Sanlúcar is not very extensive, but it is very precise in what it is looking for. They are dishes to taste and share in peace, that do not fill you up to the point of suffocation, but on the contrary, leave you with a feeling of desire to continue tasting them, where the essential are the fresh products and quality, where the virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar are the clear protagonists. From the most natural products and with the minimum quantities, dishes are obtained so sober and subtle that it is difficult to find more diaphanous kitchens and recipe books.

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The touch, the point, the flavor... that final touch, so difficult to achieve, can only be obtained with effort and knowledge, with tenacity and patience.

The Sanlúcar is part of the route of those who know the most about taverns.

Andalusian tavern, as it should be!

And now that you know a little more about us....

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